Academy Students

Students enrolled in the Academy will be able to

  • study in SKC’s culturally congruent and supportive learning environment,

  • earn credits applicable to both high school degrees and college degrees in STEM,

  • gain valuable and authentic research experiences,

  • work with outstanding STEM professionals and SKC faculty,

  • develop an understanding of STEM professions, and

  • build college and career readiness skills.


Students should apply for admission to the Academy in the spring of their sophomore year of high school. Students apply in the spring for admission in the following fall quarter. Admission is competitive.

The annual application deadline is APRIL 30.

Admission criteria for the Academy include

  • A high school cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0

  • At least junior standing by fall of the admission year

  • Successful completion of or enrollment in Algebra II in junior year

  • Native American or 1st or 2nd Generation Descendant

Potential Careers in Biobehavioral Science/Biomedical Science/Biomedical Engineering

There are a wide range of careers related to the biobehavioral and biomedical sciences. Employment can be found in diverse settings such as hospitals, colleges and universities, public health agencies, the food industry, pharmaceutical firms, government agencies such as water management and agriculture science, and nonprofit organizations. Specific careers include the following, along with many others.


Potential Careers

Biobehavioral Researcher


Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Researcher

Child Life Specialist


Epidemiological Researcher

Food Scientist

Forensic Scientist

Genetic Counselor

Geriatric Care Management

Global Health Management


Molecular Biologist



Pharmaceutical Sales

Public Health Administrator

Rehabilitation Medicine